T​.​I​.​O​.​D (soft cookie)

from by [MARVEL]

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Another breakdown!
Another moment alone, again, time to stop the time,
go out, sit on those stairs,
for a minute don’t care about anything else.
Turn my mind off, leave everything behind,
give myself some time, relax,
take a deep breath, there’s nothing else left
but those three intches of death.

Click! Flick! There goes the lighter.
Breathing the clouds in, my lungs going wider.
Like a spider in the middle of a web
I just sit and don’t move, throw everything out of my head.
But instead, like on a contrary, my memory starts to play tricks on me,
bringing back all those things from the past,
i wish i could forget at last.

Behind those fuckin’ walls,
The past is calling me out.
No peace for me at all.
Let me forget it now!

Another breakdown!
Clusterfuck of thoughts that I really don’t like.
Silence I was hoping for turned into noise,
piercing my brain like a motherfuckin’ spike.
What the fuck? What is wrong with me?
I can’t believe it! What an idiot i used to be?!
Guilt and blame, they’re coming again,
I don’t understand it man! What the fuck was I thinking?!

Another breakdown!!
I’m so sick of it all! I wanna make it stop!
Clouds, once so light are getting heavy now
burning my lungs inside, it really hurts as fuck!
Bitter taste of shame,
over and over again,
It’s really making me so sad,
I think I’m gonna cry just like Fred.

Ooooh bring it ooon! :’(

Tryin’ to forget it
but it keeps coming back.
It’s so pathetic
But why the fuck do I care?!

It doesn’t matter anymore, just let it be!
None of this shit will disapear, you gotta live with it
Every wound leaves scar, we are who we are
So fuck it all and draw some conclusions!

I separate myself from that once more,
Break away from everything i did wrong
It won’t last for long, I know
But for this day i go away and hide behind those...

Behind those fucking walls
The past is calling me out
No peace for me at all
Let me forget it...


...start to move on

...finally gone!


from Cliché, released December 27, 2013



all rights reserved


[MARVEL] Lubin, Poland

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