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Dark room, I’m sitting alone.
Where the fuck am I, i can’t even tell
Silence all around doesn’t calm me
I should get out of here but I just can’t

Two men entered here, I recognize them
Servants of the order, I don’t accept
They hold me down to turn me back on their side
But I don’t want it man!

No! You’ll never turn me back!
I won’t submit!
Why do you spit all this venom on me?
You lying motherfuckin’ pricks!

Sneaky talk, sneaky words
There are only two of you but i see four tongues
Teaching peace by force? Don’t make me laugh!
Your propaganda of love is just bullshit! I’ve had enough!

Pointless arguments thrown at me
They say, I’m a slave of evil, I need to be released
My mind is corrupted and they have the cure
All I need is to take it and they’ll leave me in peace.

I don’t give a shit!
Just give this thing, I’ll take it if you really want to
Just bring it to me, you dicks
It doesn’t matter, I’m not sick and I will prove you that.

This little thing’s supposed to cure
Round peace of bread, is this some king of joke?
Stupid magical wonder...
Bring it on!

Oh! God! What the hell?!
What have you done to me? I’m burning alive
The room is shrinking, darkness going all around
Why this chair is moving? Am I fuckin’ high?

I can’t take it anymore!
I think i’m gonna puke green, what a mess
Stop it now! I Give up! You win!
Ok!... I am possessed!!!


from Cliché, released December 27, 2013



all rights reserved


[MARVEL] Lubin, Poland

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